Friday, September 18, 2009

Adventure Series In A Nutshell

For at least the last six months we have been having one adventure after another. These usually take place on Saturdays and we have come to refer to these mini events as "The George and Justine Saturday Adventure Series" or "The Justine and George Saturday Adventure Series," depending on who's speaking. We figured we should document them for our benefit and anyone else who may care enough to take an interest. From our trip to Puerto Rico to stumbling upon new places and meeting new people, concerts, parties and garage sales, we figured we're having so much fun that we ought to record it. Our goal is to eventually turn our Adventure Series into an Adventure Life!

Both of us will be contributing to the blog, be it posts, images and the overall look. Occasionally only one of us will write a post and at other times we will both contribute to a post. Don't let that confuse you, just enjoy the ride.

This Blog is just a small insight into our life together. We hope you enjoy what we have to share as much as we enjoy experiencing it. Let this be an inspiration to go out and begin adventuring yourselves. We should all enjoy each other, as well as the people and world around us!


  1. So long as the post are current and not past, I'm cool. Partying like lawn ornaments should never be discussed; a.k.a what happens at Casa Lina stays at Casa Lina! ;0)

  2. Sure they are, until you post a comment to the blog that is! Just a head up, there will be occasional "Adventures of Saturdays Past" posts.

  3. No beignets for you! Well, not really.

    I just wont put as much powdered sugar on yours! Well, not really.

    I know, I just won't have Logan sit on your lap and eat them with you! Well, not really.


  4. Great blog my chicky nephews! It was fun as always having you here in LA visiting the "Chingadera" Titi and Tio (jeez, that makes us feel old....)One more weekend you would have met remote "Basso" relative that visited on honeymoon stop-over from Tahiti, and back to Catalonia (they are your age - would have been a blast)Take care, keep posting good stuff, and don't forget the chimichurri sauce!!! saaaaalsa!!!