Thursday, February 25, 2010

November 14, 2009: Graduation or Beer?

Our original plan was to attend cousin Steven's graduation in Sacramento, but this was somehow overshadowed by the discovery that The Bistro in Hayward was having their Barrel Aged Beer Festival. It sounded like a nice enough idea to me, but George was completely sold. He called Steven and said we would not be able to attend after all. Steven understood and said it sounded like more fun anyway. The deal was a glass and 10 "tastes" for $40. There was a sense of urgency in the air while getting ready and I was picking up on the nervous energy George was giving off. The event was from 11-7, meaning there were only 8 hours to accomplish the tastings. We arrived only slightly late at 11:30, and since it was almost noon it was an acceptable time to start drinking.

There were some delicious beers on tap but honestly we thought the tastes could have been a bit more generous. For $40 it should have been unlimited or larger portions.

We went through the 10 tastes fairly fast and then headed to Buffalo Bill's for a meal, which we very much needed. Unfortunately, we left our expensive glasses there, never to be seen again. Exasperated Sigh...

Feeling guilty and realizing we still had enough time to make it to the graduation, we called Michelle and Lina and asked them to pick us up so we could attend. George fell asleep in the backseat and the three of us sang mostly Michael songs and other classic pop hits for the duration of our trip. Michelle was surprised to learn that the lyrics to "Careless Whisper" are "guilty feet have got no rhythm" after going almost her whole life thinking it was something else. After our long voyage we finally arrived at our destination. The event was your standard, boring graduation but we were all happy to witness Steven on this important day.

As you can see Tech Skills spared no expense. 

Originally, our plan was to eat burgers at The Squeeze Inn, that plan was quickly smashed byt the fact that they close early on Saturday's! The nerve!  We then went to dinner at a nearby sushi restaurant to celebrate the occasion and were met by a few of Steven's friends. George's outrageous claims that sushi is not photogenic as Squeeze Inn burgers was debated by the SAS official photographer Lina, who continued to take pictures despite the discouragement.

What says you? (Burger photo courtesy of Jeff Pidgeon)

With a long ride ahead of us we left at a reasonably early hour and headed home.
Tushy Cheeks?

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